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Privacy Policy


·     One subscription is for 1 vehicle/number plate only and is non-transferable. Subscriptions cannot be shared with other vehicle numbers.

·     The vehicle needs to use the slot availing as per the assigned schedule. If slots are not used, the slot will lapse.

·     Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. The inability to render services due to rain/travel restrictions/natural disasters/acts of God is beyond our control. In such an event, that day's slot will lapse. 

·     Reminders for renewal will be sent 1 week before the end of the subscription. Please renew at least 4 days in advance to secure your slot. When customers ignore the reminders and fail to renew, It is assumed the customer discontinued the service. The last service will not be provided.
If informed at least 4 days before renewal. The last service will be provided.


At-home vehicle cleaning service is exclusively for customers whose vehicles do not travel frequently and are parked in a safe environment that does not cause any accumulation of heavy dust/stains from trees/littering of birds/construction site particles, etc. This will be conveyed to the customer. Customers can avail pressure wash service. The charges will be conveyed.


Customers cannot offer our employees money to get additional work done. Sharing phone numbers with employees is not allowed. Requesting employees to wash cars at home privately is not allowed. If this policy is violated, the service will be discontinued and no refunds will be made.


We expect customers to be courteous and respectful towards the staff. The services of customers violating this code of conduct will be discontinued and will not be eligible for refunds.

The policies will be updated and changed without prior notice.

Please visit to read the updated policy.

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